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    Question GP1300R Making high pitched squeal at speed - HELP

    Hi All,

    My GP has started making noises I really dont like. When going fast, (sometimes) I hear a high pitched squeal, that I'm not sure what it is. The video below has the noise recorded from last weekend. (you may have to turn it up)
    We thought it may be bearing wear on the output shaft to the prop. There is no evidence of the prop scoring the tunnel that I Can see. My mate has a 2008GP, and we compared the coupling / shaft/ bearing play, and they were similar, although mine may be a little worse.

    (it feels like there is some play in the bearing, and the coupling has some play when you turn the prop shaft back/forwards)

    Has anyone got any ideas on what this is, and how to fix?

    If it is the coupling rubber / bearing, is there a good thread on doing this anywhere?



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    I know this might sound dumb and I'm not out to strike fear by any means, but hear me out.

    I have a good friend that is a Yam mechanic. He came to me the other day and started asking for my help. A customers ski was making a noise that he described to be like the noise your video shows. Long story short, the motor blew. It was still on the stock oil pump and something happened with the oil lines if I recall correctly. I doubt if that's your case but I thought it was weird, the noise he described sounds a lot like your video.

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