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    2001 GTX DI--loses power then resets

    If I run full throttle for 2+ minutes the engine drops down to half speed. (from 60mph to 30mph) If I release the throttle, then re-apply full throttle I'm right back up to 60mph. No misfiring, no hesitation. This is the only time I have ANY problems. I continued to ride for 2-3 hours (normally I don't ride full throttle so this wasn't a BIG issue for the day) with ABSOLUTELY no problems other than this. Suggestions?

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    sounds like fuel delivery issues
    try filter or failing pump

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    I will give that a shot. Any other ideas?

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    Now I have had it happen at 3/4 throttle.
    I was at 3/4 throttle then applied full throttle and got no response. I eased up on the throttle, slowed down, then reapplied throttle and it sped right up but would not give me any more power past 3/4
    But, when I released the throttle entirely then hit full throttle....BAM! Its like it never happened. Computer?

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