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    Switching 02 RX to Premix

    Hello all, 1st post here. Just got my 1st Ski (02 Seadoo RX) and was looking for a little help in switching it to premix. I've read the pros and cons and am pretty satisfied that my riding habit will be ok for premix. However, I've yet to find a detailed post on how exactly to this, at least specifically for my pwc.

    I'm not a total wrench noob, as I"m coming over from riding motocross and have always worked on my own bikes, but I am totally new to pwc's, so if someone would be interested in helping walk me through it, that would be great.

    On a side note, I had the ski checked out by a local guy and he recommended switching to premix as well, but said the rest of the ski is in great shape. It has a brand new engine on it so I need to break it in as well, but he compression tested it and verified that it is indeed a new engine. The only real problem with the ski is that the 2 cycle reservoir tank is leaking somewhere, as oil is seeping all around the unit slowly, which is yet another reason he suggested (and I agreed) to just forgo the oil injection switch to pre mix.

    Any tips btw for getting the 2cycle out of that tank so it will quick leaking for the time? Thanks!

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    if its a DI then you can NOT go premix, if its carb you can.

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    Yes, it's just the regular RX, so it's carburated.

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