I was out today and flipped my jetski over. When I got it back up I went to start it and it sounds as different than usual, like the starter isn't cranking the cylinders like it should and wouldn't start. I swam it back across the lake, got it home and checked the oil, expecting to possibly find water in with it, which it looks just fine, but there was some oil in the middle plug in the bottom of the airbox. I pulled the plugs and the cylinders seemed dry (Didn't pump any water or anything out) but only the one towards the back has compression, the front 3 I can see crank up and down but really don't force any air out through the plug hole like the back one does. The code I get is CAA9 on the screen which I think may be camshaft or crankshaft sensor malfunction. I put fogging oil into the cylinders and turned it over in to try to prevent any rust if water is in there that I couldn't see or know about but I'm stuck as to what could be causing this, or what's wrong with it. I'd really appreciate any and all help or suggestions.