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    Do I have to take the top part of the hull off?

    Hi guys, I am a UK skier & support within UK is limited therefore thought Greenhulk would be a solution (after all I buy my parts from them).

    Okay me anchor point on the front of my VX Deluxe has become loose. The top allen key bolt (out of the two) has become loose & the back plate / bolt is obviously turning in the internal hull. How do I get to it? I need to replace bolt as the top is damaged (my fault trying to tighten). My friend has a GPR where he cut a 40mm hole in the interal hull to get vise grips on it. However my anchor point is alot lower & I do not want to cut any part of my ski where possible.

    Anyone got any ideas? Someone must have come across this problem before.

    Thanks in advance for any help & a big hello as a new poster!!!!

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    welcome to the forum. where in the uk do you ski.

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    Sunny Clacton-on-sea (well overcast with chance of sunshine). Been today & not too bad, quite flat compared to the last few weeks. Went to the wind farm (4 miles off Clacton) & everything was good

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