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    b-kit valves , springs and retainers cant get over 8100

    well back here again ,ive been having this problem with my ski for the last 8 months and nobody can figure out what the problem is ,out of water the ski turns 8650 in water i cant get the ski to turn more than 8100
    the mods are in my signiturE
    checked timing all good
    We chaged the prop nothing
    swapped computers nothing
    checked charger nothing
    rebuild charger with new washers nothing
    all work wasdone by les and even he is still puzzled

    and today its started bogging out adn i was splattering all the way to the docks

    SOME ONE please HELP

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    Try a different knock sensor. Whats your AFR?

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    When you say you changed your prop what did you change it to?? Im making an assumption that it was a lesser pitched prop?

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    sounds like you have a boost leak somewhere at high rmp and under load only...check all your clamps on the intake side of the engine and your BOV...if it is bogging down and not running good it could be one of the sensors also. check all sensor connections and check for water inside the connectors....

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    check your fuel pump, and check your A/R ratio

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    Sounds like it could be a dirty/bad fuel injector to me.

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