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    Timing chain guides ?

    I got my head off yesterday and noticed when I took out the chain tensioner, the guide dropped down. I was able to retrieve it and saw the bottom of the guide is cracked where I assume it goes on some sort of round post mount. Can this guide be changed from the top or am I going to have to remove the engine and disassemble the whole side of it ?

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    in order to change the one on the intake side of the chain you have to remove the crankshaft.... dont have to totally remove it but take off the bottom case and pull the crank up enough to get it on the dowel. just rotate the bottom end so that the pistons will not come out the bottom (dont lift it to high). Retarted design i know... same with the timing chain... leave it to the Canadians :P

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    I was afraid of that... I know what I need to do now. Out comes the motor.

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