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    97 sl900 burning down center piston

    I have a 97 sl900 that is giving some trouble. Initial problem was center piston top detonatedso bad it destroyed head. Completely cleaned carbs and replaced piston and cylinder. Took to lake and ran perfect for five minutes until it went down again.

    Removed head and found the same exact problem....Any thoughts?

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    How did you clean the carbs?

    Taken apart and cleaned internally, including clearing out the internal passages?
    Cleaned the internal filters?

    Did this engine ever run properly for you?
    How long have you owned it?

    Does it still have the gray Tempo fuel lines?

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    Carbs were completely cleaned. This is actually a customer of mine's ski....All fuel lines were replaced after first burn down last season. Engine runs absolutely perfect initially.....66 - 6800 rpms and idles perfect at 1500 rpms. actually changed carb assy. after 2nd piston went, with new carb assys. creating same result. Top of piston is completely detonated, displacing most of the metal to the head...

    Doesn't crank out of phase usually take the pto cylinder down, and not the center? This ski has the updated stator kit, and also a brand new gel battery with minimal draw when starting....

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    well, all I know is with my dirtbikes I have had the same issues..and 2 things caused it.....lean, or over-revving....the burn down is right at the spark from the plug, right? Is it the size of a quarter? The piston was in correctly? 2 strokes usually have different window ports cut for intake/exhaust on the piston. There is no air leak on the crank to cause lean? Fire it up and spray some wd-40 around the crank area to seeif it revvs thoughts...maybe you already know all this..(you said customers ski)

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    Well, check the crank index, if you haven't already. All three pistons should be 120 degrees apart.

    Are the heads and compression stock (before the damage occurred)?

    Any signs of cooling issues on that cylinder? Gaskets installed properly?

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    Will check the index, but just seems wierd that it is taking down the center, and not the pto....Really wierd that it initially runs great. Stock heads and cyls. All gaskets new and installed properly.. Cylinders appeared to be same temp, but didn't have the portable temp scanner with me at the time.

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