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Thread: Rebuild Time?

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    Rebuild Time?

    Alright, I found a 2001 GTX. Pretty good price, nice looking machine. The salesman at the dealership sounds like a very honest guy (is that an honest salesman?). Just kidding, no offense to any sales folks on here. Anyway, he says the machine does have a slight knock in the engine, having 197 hours on it. When generally do the 2-strokes need to be rebuilt? I always had the rule of thumb that 200 was the magic number. I'd hate to pick this thing up, and trailer it right back to be rebuilt.

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    The 951's will start rocking in the bore and shatter the piston skirt. Mine did this at 150 hrs. I think 197 is way overdue.

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    If the engine is knocking that doesn't sound good!! I used to race TZ250 2-stroke bikes, I know there is no comparison to a sea-doo but you don't want any engine rattle!!

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    Perfect. All I needed to know. I'll steer clear of this one then.

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    I would say it depends on what you can get it for. Go price out an SBT engine and check how much they charge to R&R it. Add it all up and add 10% more for misc parts and see if the new ski will be worth it. If they are working and price out at say $5000 and he is selling it at $1000 and the cost of the engine and install is $3000, it isn't too bad of a deal. OTOH, if he wants $4000, walk.

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