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    Advise in building a Blaster 1 with a 62T

    A buddy of mine acquired a blaster and a 62T engine with all of its original electronics and wants me to help him put them together. We are not looking for a fire breather, just a quick boat that corners well.

    It should have flame arrestors, but we are not talking compression or porting yet. What jetting specs should we have using the stock engine?

    We want to install a factory pipe if we can find one used..... I think this will be the biggest challenge. We are trying to figure if we will need to modify the pipe to accomidate the 62T. Any imput on this?

    We will start with the original impeller but would like imput on an aftermarket one.

    What rpm numbers should we expect?

    Any help on any of these answers would be greatly appreciated.

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    Raise compression to 175-180 psi
    Factor MOD pipe...but use the 62T manifold. "Just built this myself a few months back"
    Solas 13/17 concord prop ...stock porting around 6800rpm
    Dual cooling a must if you ride hard in a lake/river
    Are you running the dual carb or a single carb 44?


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    Duel 38's I believe that came with the engine, but I have dual 44's that can be used if need be. Give me specs for both. I didn't know that 62T came with a single carb.

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