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    Skat trak 14/20 impelller?

    Got two ultra 150's one with a skat trak impeller and one with stock... The stock impeller is considerably faster on top at least 3-4mph and just seems faster over all. Never heard of any one really talk about the skat trak impeller so I figured i'd ask is a 14-20 not good for these ski's?

    I'll likely just swap pumps and see if thats the cause or just see if the motors weaker on the other.

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    I like my 14/20 but I am not out for top speed runs. I find it stays hooked up better in the chop when i am racing than the stock one did. Also I tried a solas 16/20 and with my handling setup it is slower yet. Maybe I have a bad solas as they should be blueprinted by either skiworx or group k.

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    Seems I was mistaken entirely. The slow ski has an R&D Aquavein intake grate with a stock impeller... Going to try a stock intake grate and see if it picks up speed as I don't ride in much chop at all so I really don't have any issues hooking up.

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