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    HOWDY, newbie with ???

    Hey gang, what an AWESOME website you enjoy here!!!

    I made an incredible score on a pair of 30hour 05 GPR1300 ski's last week.
    My best bud's roofing supplier turned me on to this site and I've searched it top to bottom trying to gain some insight into these units.

    The "Do's and Dont's" thread yesterday made me concerned with some of the most recent posts.

    I've had a couple of Yamaha performance two strokes for years and have always ridden them WFO on creeks, bayous, and rivers of SE Texas. Yesterday we went to the Pine Tree Lodge in LaBelle,TX after reading about it here in the "Where to Ride" forum.
    We got some great high speed blasts from a downed pipeline on the north end to the locks on the creek on the south end.
    I didn't bring a GPS but I'd guess we were running mid/upper 60's 'cause the speedo was showing 78 to 82. I'd say it's about 15 to 20 minutes wide open with only 1 or 2 slight drops in speed in some tighter upcreek corners.

    I'm curious, what's everyone's take on riding the bikes for long durations at the top end?
    When my kids and I ride we have some areas that allow only spots of redline for brief periods and some like yesterdays where you only lift lightly to take a high speed turn and you can knock out many miles of riding at top speed.


    See ya,

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    welcome to the forum!

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    I've been riding my XL1200 at WOT for 10+ minutes at a time since we got it new in '99. First motor had an easy 200 hours on it, this ones got 120something and is only getting rebuilt because it dropped a powervalve (and after discovering this site 2 months ago its time for mods lol)

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    No problem at WOT if your boat is tuned properly. One of the way you check this is doing plug chops and reading spark plugs which is kind of a black art thing that you must spend time learning.

    The carbureted GPR's and XLT's have carbs which create a lean spot at about 70% throttle... I've read and believe that this was done by design in order for these crafts to pass emission standards. The EPA test these crafts at about 3/4 throttle for emissions. I do not know if this is true for the fuel injected models.

    The point is that you will hear of this a lot on this forum. The stock flame arrestor system helps to reduce the lean condition, but as soon as you go with aftermarket arrestors to get more performance, then the lean condition at 3/4 throttle gets bigger and more of a problem. People have tried to compensate by changeing jetting, but other problems like timing and crank twist now come into play when you are looking for performance. It is an ongoing problem that seems to effect many people in many different ways.


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