braeking down
i have a 96 xp i was having problems with carbs i took them apart filters and so on they seemed pretty clean like someone had clean them before by the way im a new ower of this ski the lines seem to be in good shape and the filters were cleaned so i ruled out the lines any ways i could not get it running so i brought it to the shop and it had a few problems with the cooling system crack water box welded and rebuilt the carbs so i drop it in and it fires up i warm it up and the ski seems great for about 2 mins it stars to break down top end so i limp it back and check the plugs one seems to have fuel and one the other looks on the lean side changed the plugs and the same thing happend the breaking down seemed to get worse i premixed xps oil that whyif this was ok im a little lost ill bring it back on monday see what he has to say