This is probably on here somewhere but I can't find it. I removed the engine in my ski prior to Memorial day. Of course the shop was busy so it took longer to get it back than I thought and then I was busy and am just getting it back in the ski. Problem is, I forgot how the cooling lines go and there is no routing schematic in the manual. I believe the intake line from the rear of the ski should attach to the exhaust manifold just behind the black boot that connects the two pieces together. Then there is a piece of hose connecting from the bottom of the exhaust near the starter to the rear of the engine cylinder head. Next there is another hose connecting the front cylinder head to the front exhaust pipe. If I am correct on these locations I don't know where the flush hose connects or the excessive water bypass drain in the hull goes.

So, can anyone please correct me, point to a routing diagram, or help somehow?