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    Unhappy 98 GSXL 142 Hours R.I.P. - REBUILD TIME!

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ID:	208974 R.I.P. My Baby. Looking forward to your rebirth!

    So, it ran lean and melted down... I am also suspecting issues with the crank but havent torn the cyls off yet to take a peak.

    I dont think I will bother rebuilding it myself. I want it done quickly and correctly. I am looking for the best option to send it out and have bottom and top rebuilt. The cases are fine, no cracks or holes.

    Who is good at this that I can trust will do a good job? Any advice?

    Just for fun, here are some pics...

    Oh and that was a great time wrestling the engine out of that machine.. I think when it was over, I was only left in my underwear!

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    Jim Budnick at [email protected] does a great job rebuilding these 951's. I've had several 951's rebuilt by him & they have all performed very well.

    Dan (drb)

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    Work Harder, Millions on Wellfare Depend On Us! ultramaxracing05's Avatar
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    that doesnt look lean to me. Looks like water intrusion or detonation.
    98 were the bastard year, bad year for the 951's

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    I will def drop Jim a line... thanks!!!!

    I have seen healthier pistons!

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    While I am at this rebuild I want to fix a few things.. Can anyone recommend the cheapest way to get NEW stuff?

    - Fuel Sender - as the gas gadge doesnt work and I just bypassed it to stop the annoying beeping
    - VTS motor
    - Prop - rebuilt is fine, just want to make sure it will be as nice as the ski

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    you break'em good.

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    I break everything I touch!

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    new stuff you can find in the online store OEM parts finder. rebuilding a 951 is actually pretty simple. the only thing that you have to find is some Honda bond to put between the two case halves. if you buy a crank instead of rebuilding it, its all drop in.

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    There is a how to for fixing the fuel guage, worked for me on alot of machines. With the updated plunger... As far as the prop goes, put in a Solas you wont regret it!

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    airborne: what crank? An OEM? Where are you recommending I get it from? What about cyls and pistons? Who, what where?

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