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    New ski...rough idle then stall.

    Well, I am completely new to the ski world (kinda of). I just purchased an '09 left over rxpx with zero hours. Followed all the instructions from the dealer and manual before my first ride today. Ran great for five minutes, then began to loose rpm's and started to idle rough till it just stalled. Wouldn't start, well it would but idled rough for ten seconds and stalled. Brother towed me home and we hooked it up to the hose just to see how it would react and it ran great for 2 mins. and acted like nothing happened. Any suggestions or tips that I could check before calling the dealer? I am thinking maybe an air pocket in the fuel line? TIA

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    Well after doing some searching on the site and reading the article "how not to damage your new ski" well the exhaust hose was loose. Would this have been my main cause? Any other things I should check? I gently tugged all the hoses and nothing else seemed loose.

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    Have the battery tested under a load, not just check its voltage. Ours finally had weak batteries. They would start just fine , but wouldn't run. New battery and they're running fine.

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