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Thread: rpm fall off

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    rpm fall off

    Took my choke plates out and did the primer kit and pulled outter wears off the FAs. First run up the river it turned like 6990 normally runs 7090-7150 depending on the air. so i turned the high speed out 1/4 turn and rpm came back to about 7130 but it seamed like they would run up and then slowly taper back to about 7050 at one point. could it need more high speed adj. or the pv cable adjusted?? i had it off bc of another problem that turned out to be the rubber ball in the jetworks valve.

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    What are your jet sizes? Assuming carbs have been jetted? Could be a little lean, if you add fuel and rpms come up. I would kept adding fuel until rpms fall off. Then you know where its at.

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    yeah i agree as far as the method for getting the tune dialed in. My concern is that the rpms are there and then they will slowly taper back from about 7130 and fall to 7050 or so. could it still just be drinking that much. it has a 125 about 1 3/4 out

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    If your RPM's are coming up then droping off after a few seconds your are LEAN!
    Have you done any high speed chops to check the plug color?
    PS: removing the chokes cause a lean spot around 3500 rpm. Look up some of the old posts on this issue, not sure a solution was ever found but I have been away from skis for awhile.

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    I was also wondering at what point would a dual feed setup be best..or needed, i removed the flapper at the bottom of the sending unit when i did the primer also but that wouldnt cause a lean condition.. im wondering if a single feed cant keep up???but i dont know what the point when a dual is needed...R&d rec head 3 deg key vf3s dplate FAs this thing has ALWAYS liked a lil more fuel. carbs have been jetted for all of this too. was 100% fine untill the choke plate removal.

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