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    97 zxi 750 issues

    a customer of mine has a zxi . it runs well but im a seadoo guy... not to formilar with the machine like i am with brp products. the machine is leaking oil from the front of the block but the oil pump is dry. i whiped the pump off and clean the hull out so it was clean and ran it for 5 mins on the hose. after that the pump was completely dry. where could this oil be coming from? ive checked all lines and fittings.
    As well the machines electrical isnt working at all. i checked relay and fuses and all is well. can anyone help? please and thank you send a pm to me thanks alot

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    Oil is leaking from the block??? There isn't any oil in the block. The oil goes from the tank to the pump (on the front of the block), then to the carbs.

    There is a plug on the front cover that newbies sometimes fill with oil. There should not be oil in there.

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