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    ultra 150 no start. need help ASAP!!

    ok guys my ultra is being a pita. I just picked this up. the guy said it just needed a starter. I bought it cheap so im not really bent, just trying to figure it out asap. what it orig did was when u hit the start button, the starter sol. just made a single click and that was it... so I assume starter.. I pulled the starter and tested it outside of the ski (just ran a hot and grounded that starter with jumper cables, but it did not feel like it had much torque) and the starter spun... so I bolt the starter back in the ski and bypass the solinoid... run direct power to it and it tries to spin.. doesnt turn the motor at all, just makes a effert and thats it..

    also when i pulled the starter, about a quart of oil came out.. is this normal??? def need some help quick guys

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    Sounds like a weak battery or the impeller is hanging up to me. Should have bypassed the solenoid first.

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