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    100hrs alot on R-12x??

    Buddy is looking at a R-12x ski with 100hrs on it. Was wondering if this is alot for these skis and what he should be looking for? What kind of maintenance should have been done up to this point and what are common problems with these skis. Its a 2005.

    What should compression be?

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    100 hrs not allot at all service @ 100 oil and filler + clean grassed moving parts at rear.

    I would be looking @ any corrosion on any part of engine and exhaust area the R12X is turbo they seem to have most troubles with turbo waste gate search on hear about it.
    Otherwise great ski I have R12 non turbo better hols shot good for surf.
    I would ask about flushing after use if the seller doesn't know much about flushing good chance not done.

    No problem in salt use if flushed after use other tips any noise from the engine (not the noise from prop a little noise normal)

    Best thing take it for a test ride.

    Hope it helps

    Regards Xdrian

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    nice ....what about previous maintenance that should have been done BEFORE the 100hrs?

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    The condition of the turbo and the waste gate actuator will 90% of the time be a tell-tale of how good the owner's maintenance program was. There is a grease fitting under the rear seat that needs waterproof grease every 25-50 hours and a minimum oilchange/filter at 50 hours [I do 25 hours]. The turbo/engine/engine bay needs to be rinsed after the salt and then sprayed with CRC when dry. My last ['02 F12X] Honda went 500 hours until I ran the boost pressure up and spun two rod bearings....

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    Thanks for all the great info!!

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    Trying to sell my Kawasaki ultra and pick up a heavier 4 stroke do to my riding style i think it suit me better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enhanced250 View Post
    Trying to sell my Kawasaki ultra and pick up a heavier 4 stroke do to my riding style i think it suit me better.
    what kind of ultr you got ? how much ?

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