I posted up these results in my other thread at http://www.greenhulk.net/forums/show...a-150-5500-RPM but it isn't getting much traffic, so I thought I would post these up in a new thread.

These are my results from testing the water temperature sensor and the specs from the shop manual. Anyone have one for sale? The dealer wants 90 bucks.

All measurements taken with a Fluke 88 with .6 ohms resistance between the two leads. Water temperature sensor results were.

6.96M ohms at 35 degrees
1.625M ohms at 75 degrees(ambient)
.465 M ohms at 125 degrees
1.36M ohms at 163 degrees
88.3K ohms at 212 degrees.

Shop manual specs are.

2,759k at 68 degrees
635k at 122 degrees
121.9k at 194 degrees
85.3k at 212 degrees