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    When the hull takes on water...


    Pretend you're water, and you find some dumba** who forgot to put the drain plug in before launching. Where do you go...from beginning to end?

    Yeah, okay...I still say the "gremlins" took my plug out. Last week they had their way with my engine coupler and driveshaft, but that's a different story.

    I'd just like to know know the path the water takes as it fills up. I was pondering this as I was watching the water shoot out of the spark plug holes for two hours.

    (It's all good; was back on the water after a few hours)

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    If you flood the hull, water has two paths into the engine.

    One is through the flame arrestor and carburetors.

    The other is back filling through the exhaust system, then into the open exhaust ports in the engine.

    BTW, almost everyone who rides a PWC has at one time or another left a drain plug out

    We sank an SL650 a couple of years ago. Ended up replacing that engine with a rebuild, as the engine was still running when it inhaled water = bad.

    It is surprising how much water can accumulate in the hull before you realize there is a problem, and figure out what the problem actually is. When you do figure it out, often you are already close to ingesting water into the engine air intake. Do you run for shore and hope the water doesn't reach the engine, or shut it down right away, to avoid internal engine damage?

    Tip: If the drain plug is out, running at planing speed will drain the hull. It will take a while, but it will drain out. But if the ride is not smooth, the sloshing water inside the hull can get drawn into the engine, and hurt it.

    The bilge siphon system will also suck water out while the engine is running, but it cannot keep up with a missing drain plug. Same for the electric bilge pumps.

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    Oh, that sucks......

    Most likely went into the carbs.

    How long did you run the engine after the water was removed? (long enough to evaporate the moisture?)

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