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    MoTeC training on line

    ROUND Four & Five Next week
    Details below

    Its our intention to provice training webinars at this same time every week now
    Check MoTeC website for details

    New Registration process now up and running

    Hi Everyone
    As we get more and more customers in the field the questions are becoming more and more frequent. The level of knowledge has risen a long way from last year when we first released the Yamaha kit. Many of you guys out there are thirsty for knowledge and ready to tune your own engines.
    For those that have purchased our systems you may be starting to realise the power of the product and the value of true data logging. The time has come to learn some more and make use of the tools that you have purchased.
    To that end I am planning an informal MoTeC School .
    It will be along the lines of what they call a “webinar” and similar to our PWC seminar.
    The cost will be zero.
    Our aim eventually is to offer the PWC seminar as a series of 1 hour webinars, but until that comes on line I would like to plan a mini webinar just for you Green Hulk Yamaha guys.
    So I want you all to come up with a series of questions that you would like answered, I will weed out the ones I think most important and invite you all to register for our Green Hulk Webinar.
    I would also like you to let me know a good time to do it that would suit the majority.
    I am thinking something like mid week 6PM California time.
    We will start with a 1 hour session and see how far we get.
    Subjects I am thinking about are.
    How to
    Open ECU manager and view related sensors
    Download a log file
    View a log file
    Send a log file
    Load a new ECU configuration
    View data and tune the AFR
    Tune idle live on line.

    I will answer questions live if we get time and we can schedule these as often as I get time.

    If I get enough replies and interest then we will tentatively aim to do this next week.

    Over to you


    Confirmed Start Time RND 3
    6 PM California Time Wednesday the 8th of September
    9 PM Florida
    1 am France (Thursday)
    5 am Dubai (Thursday)
    11 am Melbourne Australia (Thursday)

    Entry is now by registration
    We are setting up the process now and I will post a link once done

    Those attending should test their connection speed and "plug in" suitability here.
    Navigate around to learn somemore about the software

    To register for all webinars go to our website training section under the support tab

    See you in there.

    As promised we have round 3 coming up this week.
    Same time and day of the week, 1st September

    How to extarct Logged data and send to someone
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    thanks alot pete this will help alot specialy that i havent used one of this ever.

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    Pete, can we attend even if we don't have a Motec system? You never know... one day if I decide to do some races I will probably want one. Or, learning more about it may make me want one too. lol

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    We will be there Professor Pete!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunna View Post
    I'll wait till I've got mine , then I'll have a play!!! Motec Pete your the man!!

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    Hi Pete

    How good is that for service i say .............. Well Done Pete and well done Motec

    its true saying you get what you pay for and with Motec man you get that

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    Yep put my name down too................ keen as,

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    Currently dont own a Motec, on a Reflash for now. The more I hear about Motec, the more I want it now, and I think these classes might just be little push I need to get one. lol.

    P.S. Great Job Pete!!

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    If I'm around I will definitely be here for it.

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    Good one Pete,love the the unit made the ski a ski but my Drag racing mates kept telling me to get it once they found out you could put Motec into my ski.

    I wil be keen to follow, at the moment all I know is data logging/sending files and adjusting my timing to suit but will be keen to learn more, then I can stop harrasing GaryW,lol.
    6pm CA time is that like 4pm here in Brisvegeas mate, if thats the case no worries.

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