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    Heyya Lousiana Folks--

    Question for y'all--

    No Wake Zones-- How are they marked in LA ? Is it a statewide standard of signage or bouys ? Does each city/parish have their own regulations on water in their jurisdiction with different regulations ?

    About all I could find at the State level was
    1) NW within 300 ft of a public launch or dock/pier. Does there have to be signage or is it just just a guess ?
    2) NW zones marked specificly definded signage or bouy.

    Does a hand-painted (not State defined) sign have any legal standing ?

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    I don't know what the state regs say, but each parish usually has it's own code for a NWZ. You can always bet there is a NWZ (marked or not) at each: Public ramp (When I say public, it may be "taxpayer owned" or privately owned but for public use - i.e., a "pay" ramp), any fueling dock and all bridges.

    NWZs are usually marked in one of two ways: An anchored/floating piling centered in the waterway,or a sign on the side of the water stating something like: "NO WAKE ZONE by Order of Police Jury, Assumption Parish Ordinance 2-31.2" Newer "official" signs are usually metal, just like road/traffic signs, but I've seen older ones down here that were lettered on wood.

    However, if you see what looks like a homemade sign (painted by hand on plywood) you can usually blow right through that. We refer to those as "illegal NWZs" and generally aren't worth the p.o.s. lumber they are painted on.

    If need be, I can send you a map of NWZs that I'm aware of in the Belle R./S-ville (MB area) waterways.

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