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    Looking at getting a couple yamaha skis and have a question

    I found a couple 2009 fzs's with 36 hrs on them for sale. The only problem I can see is the price that they are for sale for seems way to cheap to me. I checked the kelly blue book on them and they should be going for somewhere around 9000 a piece. They are for both for sale for around 4000 and something doesnt seem right. Any suggestions?

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    Make sure seller has titles in hand first. If so, match hull #'s to titles.
    Have them checked out by Yamaha tech on your time and your dime.
    Something smells fishy, though. If on Craigslist, it's probably a scam, seller doesn't even have the waverunners in his/her posession. If they have them, skis are probably stolen, about to be repo'd, or blown motors.
    Good Luck.

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    if its an online deal make sure its not a scam!! it prob is!!

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    It's a scam. I'd be that the pictures don't have hull ID numbers and the ski is not in a location that you can view them and it involves some sort of payment like western union or a broker/escrow.

    Say bye to that $4000.

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    Or if motors are blown, I'd say you have a potential for a helluva deal there.

    However, I'm leaning toward ripoff as well.

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