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    aftermarket handle bars on stock steerin system

    Is it possible to install a set of renthal or umi bars on a 95 xp stock steering system?.....also can I install a yamaha style throttle trigger?

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    Yes you can install renthal or umi bars on a stock xp steering stem. I don't know if the yami trigger throttle will hook up to your seadoo throttle cable.

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    There are aftermarket finger throttle kits for SeaDoos. Get one, they are easy to install.

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    Any1 reccomand wat bars too get??

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    Everyone likes there own... I prefer the pro taper bars but that's me.

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    i have universal hot products bars available. ( kinda like the UMI)

    also have throttles, and seadoo cable adapters in stock.

    please email, or call the shop to order.

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    dose anyone have a pic of this done im thinking about this thanks

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    What's every1 doin for start/stop button....I'm eliminating my vts soo all I need is the start/kill button

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    I have a black bar pad and black grips in the mail now, it will look alottt better with them

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