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    How to run motor out of the water?

    I have a 1996 Polaris sl 700. I had to do a upgrade on the stator and cdi box etc. I want to test run the engine a bit before heading out on the water. I am a newbe and would like to know how to hook up a garden hose so I can run the engine without damaging anything. I have looked but can't find anything that exlpains which hose to use or where to hook it up. thanks

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    I am no pro by anymeans but i think you have to purchase a flush kit basically a garden hose.... and connect it to the Water rail on top of the cylinders .

    and i was also told to make sure you start the motor, turn on the water. only run for a max of a few mins then turn the water off flush all excess water out of the motor then kill the motor.

    if not then water sits in the crank case and rust everything and well that just sucks.

    im not a 100% on anything i write on here so doible check me lol.

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    on this diagram on the water rail see that Nut on the right side next to the part labled #2 right over the rear cylinder.

    that is where the flush kit goes. if im not mistaken

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    You can safely run the engine dry for about 20 seconds or so. With the flush kit, your maximum run time is still only two minutes.

    Unless there is something specific that requires running the engine for more than 20 seconds, don't bother with the water hose connection.

    Start it up, let it idle to warm up for a few seconds, burp the throttle to make sure it responds, shut it down. All finished in under 20 seconds.

    Any serious testing requires the hull to be in the water, with a load on the impeller. Strap it to the trailer front and rear, and back down the launch ramp. With the jet pump intake submerged, you can start and run it on the trailer for as long as you need. Leave the seat off, and you can check for water leaks, hand test the engine temperature, etc.

    You can even apply throttle to test engine power under load while on the trailer. Just make sure the hull is well restrained

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    Thank you, that sure helped.................I will back it down a ramp after I check to make sure it starts up for a few seconds.

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