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    A happy day with my SL650 (Finally!!!!)

    I finally got this thing to run right. After cleaning and rebuilding the carbs, new fuel filters and lines, and checking everything in the fuel system I still had a low end bog. Today I changed the low speed jets to the next size up and tried ran great!!!!!! Even with the SBT impeller that I was concerned was overloading the engine. not anymore!!! I even got 49MPH on the speedometer an a nice smooth lake today. Then I come home, and there is a package at my door. Its the stock impeller I found on ebay for $45. But its even better, it was attached to a stator, which has bearings in it that are in way better shape than the ones I have now. Other than a few small nicks on the leading edges of the impeller blades it looks great. The outer edges of the impeller are perfect. I just have to check clearance. So 2 good things in one day after 2 months of trying to get it to run right, I have finally had success.


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    SWEET! Ride more worry less!

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