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    Towing Load on Engine

    Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to figure something out...what puts more strain on the engine?
    Towing, or hard riding? For example:

    Offshore riding: 60+ MPH, 7000+ RPM, 75-100% boost.


    Towing a skier: 18-20MPH, 4000-4500 RPM, 0-5% boost

    I think the engine is under more strain from offshore riding, but many people are telling me that towing puts more strain on the engine. What is correct? With a boat, water is always loading the engine, I would assume the less RPM the engine is turning, the less of a load...

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    2 different types of load
    offshore riding gives shock loading

    towing gives continuios load on engine etc

    all depends what you are trying to find out with this question ?


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    I onced towed this canoe for about 15 miles when the wind died. I was just a safety boat running with them that day. Was going about 10 to 15 mph, 4000 to 5000 rpm no problems
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    Just curious for my own knowledge...

    I'm familiar with automobile engines, but I love the water and want to get more familiar with marine engines and how they work.

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    I've towed a 190 lb man on a large tube behind my 15F at WOT for miles and still hit my normal max rpm.
    Done this a lot. Everything was fine with it.

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    Australia mate fair dinkum.
    be careful if towing with the solas 16/21, rapid decelleration with a heavy towing load from moderate speed can spin your impeller off. (eg a wake boarder)

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    Offshore riding: 60+ MPH, 7000+ RPM, 75-100% boost.
    That would have more stress-higher rpm and manifold pressure.

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