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    SL750 taking on water

    I had a great time pulling my little ones with the old SL750 great on gas mileage can go all day,
    I had put the pro 785 stocker back together after installing the new s/s 6 vain stator and the new UMI handlebars, and the tripple primer, put it in for a while and all was good, getting a little more top end,
    now back to the 750 I decided it was late enough so I pulled it out with the pro and when I took the seat off to flush it out on the hose, it had about 3-4 inches of water in the bottom,
    I thought a hose came off, but I ran fresh water thru it and no leaks,
    then I look at water draining out the right side where the sponson is,
    some how the sponson came out bolts and all,
    see pics below,
    now at least I know how the water got in,
    time to get the old resin and fiberglass cloth out,
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    Rivet nuts didn't hold huh?

    Last set I installed, I used the type that expand in a star shape. (was afraid that would happen to me)

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    There should not be any WOOD behind the sponsons. Wood expands when it gets wet, and will work to pull the bolts out of the hull.

    Find some material that will not rot or absorb water, and use that instead when you re-installed the sponsons.

    You might be able to get away with using the next size larger of expanding rivet nuts and bolts.

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    I was in a hurry to install the sponsons at an outward angle, so the only think I had was some oak hardwood, I varnished the heck out of it thinking it was waterproof, heck they worked great for 4 months, I now actually have the delron angled spacers I need,
    I am going to do the glass work, re drill and find a riven nut that expands out a little bigger, my daughter said she thinks she hit a floating log in the water,

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