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    pump oil

    so i seen the vid on changing my oil. i have a 95 xp, if i attemp to change the oil are there anythings i need to use a caution on. i already got my self in a jackpot with emptying my oil tank, lol that was fun. any tips i would really appreciate.

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    replace the filter and bleed the lines

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    get a new seal for the nose cone, some 80W90 gear lube...other than that I just wonder how much oil is left in it and what it smells like( hold your breath cause it stinks)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jersey785 View Post
    replace the filter and bleed the lines
    now i am confused what lines am i bleeding, i am just changing oil in the rear end area. the propulsion system do i still bleed from same screw i did for my oil pump

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    sorry, I miss interpreted you post. I thought you were talking about your engine oil. no bleeding required for the pump oil. just change it, wipe the cone clean, and refill with synthetic gear oil. inspect the o-ring too.

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