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    Thumbs up My 2007 Yamaha VX Deluxe + Extras

    Well here is the deal of the year.

    Putting this up on craigslist in 2 weeks when I come back from vacation.

    If anyone is interested let me know. I'm selling my 2007 Yamaha VX110 Deluxe. It has all options including the remote killswitch which disables the Waverunner from being started without the remote, as well as learners mode for your kids to ride. It comes with reverse unlike the regular models. It is powered by an 1100 CC Yamaha MR1 motor, the most reliable motor rated by pretty much every single boating magazine. The jet ski currently has 204 Hours as of yesterday. It does not burn oil at all, starts on the very first try. Burns around 8 gallons of gas per a whole days of riding. Top speed is around 54-55mph.

    I will include a $650 Yamaha Cruiser seat which I purchased separately as well as the OEM seat if you want to ride 3 up. It has a Billet Gas Cap by Riva.

    There are no problems with the waverunner whatsoever. It is in amazingly clean condition. I flush it after every single ride with salt-a-way, I crc spray the motor after every ride. I clean the hull with boat cleaner after every single ride. There are probably 2 small scratches on the whole ski, it runs and looks brand new.

    Pricing options:

    1. Just the waverunner, (2007 Yamaha VX Deluxe, no spare seat)
    $5000 FIRM
    2.Wavrunner, extra seat, plus my matching 2007 Aluminum Triton LT trailer with upgraded 12in tires that carries an MSRP of over $1600
    $5500 FIRM
    3. Waverunner, Cruiser Seat, Trailer and Hydro Port Floating Dock with Mounting hardware (Value of floating dock is over $1700 + $300 in mounting)
    $6000 FIRM

    Other things I should mention: I use this jet ski for cruising the intracoastal and usually do distance rides so it has spent most of its life in low RPM's. I change the oil after 50 hours with Yamaha Yamalube. I change the plugs after 50 hours with NGK CR9EB plugs.

    This is not my first jet ski, I take care of my toys and invest alot of time to keep them running like new.

    Local pickup in Miami Florida only. I have a buyer already set up but he won't be able to pick it up till 2 months from now, trying to see if there is any other interest.

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    Slowstang? Why you selling?!

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    Need the money for other things right now, will end up with a new FX HO later though. Not leaving the game

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    Dont sell the ski dude!

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