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    2000 GTX RFI fuel flooding issue

    Ok, i have a 2000 gtx rfi and the mag side injector floods the cylinders and crankcase with fuel. I pulled the fuel rail, and tested the injectors and when the mag side injector is pressurized, there is an overwhelming amount of fuel spray.

    It is not throwing a fault code light.
    I swapped the injectors over and get the same results.
    The TPS sensor resistance values are within the specs in the service manual, however when I did a voltage test (spec is 5dcv) I get no reading.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    you pretty much already narrowed it down by swapping the injectors out..and the news isn't good

    sounds like the mpem is screwed.

    good news is I have a spare

    pm me if you want it. It'll come with a key.

    I'll program all the ones you might have for the ski now for the new mpem at no charge.

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