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    99 Genesis FFI 1200 - Drive coupler

    Hi all I'm new to the site but after a ton of reading it seems like the place to be with questions.

    I blew the drive coupler on my machine and am looking for a replacement.
    I've found one but want to make sure this part will fit. The seller is saying these part numbers 1060119 or 1013544 are what he has for sale.

    The only manual - exploded view part listing that i can find is from a 2000 model but mine is a 1999 model. ( I'll attach it if I can) in the 2000 part listing is the 1060119 number ( Page 20/56 or page B5 ).

    So for all you guys with much more experience then me ( i don't have much with Polaris) will it fit ?
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    Polaris drive couplers are mechanically interchangeable (except for the MSX models).

    The rubber bonded couplers came in two versions, and the main difference was in the rubber durometer (hardness). Either should work fine for your Genesis.

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    Wicked thanks I'll pick it up then.

    Good used = $50 New = something like $300 CDN

    I was really shocked by the Genesis, that triple really purs like a kitten until you hit the throttle.
    For a bigger hull it really gets up quick.

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