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    Wow Frustrated, sl900 seems to be loading up?? just went through carbs and reeds?

    96 sl900, ran fine till picked up rock in pump when kids brought it to shore at idle. Pulled it out run fine again but did pump bearings in. Left overnight, found hard way thru hull seal leaking as it took on plenty of water. beached it, drain it. tried to start had water locked. Between rock and water it created flat spot on starter bendix. At this point said to hell with it trailered up and hauled home. Pulled flywheel welded and reground new teeth on bendix. Good as new. Start up and its flooding out rear cylinder. Water lock must have busted a reed. Now new reeds in it. starts up easy but no rev. just stutters and blows fog never going over 4000 r's. almost like rev limiter. Meticulously cleaned all carbs checked both pumps cleaned also, including all fuel lines. Ok maybe I killed plugs. Three new ones -- same Sh!t. Checked each cylinder by pulling one plug at time, each configuration ran same. So have same spark to all 3. Can only mean fuel, normally.... Only other thing could think is adjust timing but ran perfect before got all these bugs, so that should not be a problem.

    Here I am scratching my noodle, what to do next?

    There is one clear vent tube same size as speed-o tubing that seems as though it used to go to engine base. no fitting to be found but highly doubt this is a problem as its only a vent tube.

    Appreciate all of your input. As this is all been done before here one way or another.

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    Check the crank index.

    Also check compression.

    How to info can be found in Tech and FAQ sections.

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    i think you might of knocked your crank out of phase

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    How could I knock it out of phase as long as flywheel is aligned with keyway and set screws stay same place on flywheel it should be same.

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    The crank is only pressed together. If something binds up a piston enough (water), you can easily throw the crank out of index just by hitting the start button.

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    crank index done. Not a problem. I am leaning towards fuel delivery problem at this point and poss play with timing to look for any change, improvement or not

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    I wouldn't mess with the timing at all yet. Try cutting each of your plug wires back 1/4-1/2 inch and reinstalling the boots (I know you checked spark, but this couldnt hurt either way). Sounds like your pop-off pressure may be off if the pto cylinder is indeed flooding out, but first thing you need to do though is check your compression and confirm you didnt do any real damage by hydrolocking it.

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    compression is 180 mag, 170 center, 175 rear. was rebuilt like a year ago so nice and strong no damage. also cut wires just to eliminate possibility. Starts and idles fine. soon as it goes over 4000-4200 acts like rev limiter. Next will open electrical box see what condition its in.

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    how did you do a crank index?

    and 180, 170 ,175? is this a modded boat? or all stock?

    i would go threw your carbs. and since you got water in the hull crack open the ebox and make sure no water is inside it.

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    box half full of water, must be shorting, obvious, right. all of board covered in grease so all connectors are totally free of corrosion. there is a red wire purple stripe that needs to be reattached to board next to fuse. (this is i believe same wire that is able to be coneccted to orange terminal to prevent future starting problems.)

    Drying out box reconnecting wire. Go from there.

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