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    Anyone have a 15F overheat only when at low speed? (no cooling water)

    I have a 2008 15F with RPM kit, I've recently had a situation, 2 times this summer, when after riding at WOT for long stretches that when I stop and go to slow/ idle speed no cooling water flows through my engine (nothing from the pisser). I need to give it about 1/4 throttle to start the water flow and need to continue until my engine cools down enough, then water will begin to flow again at slow/idle speeds.

    Has anyone had this issue?

    It sounds like there is a blockage but I can't figure out why it functions normally after the engine cools down.

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    Does it do it when your on the garden hose? Sounds like partial blockage. blow air through with with compressor, should work

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    on the pump itself there is a water filter, it's a rectangle piece on top with a rubber hose coming off each side. I don't know too much about them but could that possibly be clogged with sand, weeds or corossion possibly that when you go faster there is more current flowing through the pump which causes more pressure to push the water up there (through the filter because I think this is where the cooling water is picked up from) and when you go slower there isn't enough pressure to push through any blockage that may be there? Just a thought, others on here know much more than I do though

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    +1 worked for me also

    Quote Originally Posted by jmatak9 View Post
    Does it do it when your on the garden hose? Sounds like partial blockage. blow air through with with compressor, should work

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    Changed any hoses?

    Do you have stock hose, or have you replaced them, you had to install the extra pisser in the back if you took out the useless second water box right?

    Could also be a hose routing problem, and kinking when the hose itself heats up??

    After market hose is much easier to kink as its not rubbery like stock... also might have a small pinhole leak in a hose but it only sprays at high pressure for now... the bilge could be pumping it as it leaks...could have a pebble sitting at a kink that acts as a plug when it bends... pop em off and check??

    I could send you the routing page from the Service manual for the 08's or take a pick of one of mine...


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