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    Photos inside, IS this cooling right on my xp 800 miller head and RE pipe w/jetworks?

    Hey guys just want to make sure this water routing pictures below are okay?

    96xp800 mel miller head using all 4 water ports and also the 2) 1/4' ports in the head too!! water box plugged and use jetworks at the stinger.

    Currently water comes in my one pump water 1/2' intake line, then through a 1/2' water strainer, then a 1/2 1/2 1/4 't' that goes the the 1/4' jetworks flow valve to the stinger on my ROSSIER pipe with 175 jet. Then another 1/2 1/2 1/4' 't' that goes to the 1/4' 2) head pissers that cool the domes 1st. Then the 1/2' water line runs to the back head port. the front back head port is the drain line that exits in the stock 96xp location above the pump. the rear head has the 2) stock drain lines in stock postion also that drains out back of boat out the exhuast. The front head ports (the top front one goes to the Rossier 1/2' line mid pipe and behind it is a 100 main jet. The front head bottom port is for the ECWI from microtouch with a KIP water valve and that line runs to a sprayer at the head pipe.

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    That is one of the awesomest looking 2 strokes i have ever seen.

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    yea its clean, all powdercoated.

    any thoughts on water routing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1fastxpp View Post
    yea its clean, all powdercoated.

    any thoughts on water routing?
    Dude, it looks more to me like you wanted to show that thing off then to ask for advise. That is really nice and clean looking!

    And if I knew about two strokes I would help but I have no clue.

    Good luck!

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    Does not look right. I've never seen where the water comes out of the head and goes to the pipe like yours. It should come out of the lower part of the head and then go to the head. It looks like that line on yours goes around to the midpipe injection. I would use a line tied in directly from the pump with cool water for the midpipe injection. that bottom line from the head should go to the pipe and I would plug the top one. I think has diagrams on their website.

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    thats why i was asking. This is the mel miller head and has wide open cooling underneath of it. you can use all 4 ports miller says.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1fastxpp View Post
    you can use all 4 ports miller says.

    So Mel (probably the best 2 stroke man ever) designed and built the head tells you how to intall and route the lines ... so why are you asking us?

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    you can use all 4 ports but wasnt sure where to put each one for best cooling

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