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    Another VTS thread- Question

    I just bought another vts module and the dam thing doesn't work. As most of us aren't electrians and what not im thinking of the most basic idea. If your motor works by unplugging it and testing it which takes 2 seconds on a 93 seadoo 650 then whats stopping me from spicing into the motor wires and putting a 3 way switch? with a fuse on it.

    I'm not sure on what kind of switch i would need but i know this much...put the wires on motor to test it and up it goes...switch the wires around and down the motor goes.

    I pulled that dam box of wires out for nothing which really was a hassle for nothing.

    If you get the basic idea can someone let me know what kind of switch i need...Im going to do this tonight as im leaving for holidays for 2 weeks.

  2. #2 or m451 relay or 1995 hx manual trim, as ya got the ring already.

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