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    Cylinder failer?

    Ok here's the whole story. One day I noticed that my ski was smoking alot. So I went on the forum and one of my friends told me about the oil cabel recal. Sure enough that was the problem. So I braught it to my local dealer Rusty Palmer in Honesdaly Pennsylvania. They did the work and when they were done they asked me if I wanted new spark plugs. I told them yes and I was down there the next day to pick it up. When I got there the mechanic showed me everything he did and he started the machine for me. I rode it around the lake for over an hour and everything seemed good. While I was out on Lake George a couple of days later on my once a year vacation my ski starts loosing all sorts of power so I bring it to the dock right away. I pull the seat cover off undo the wires get my socket wrench out and put the wrech on the 1 cylinder and the spark was not tight at all. The #2 cylinder was not tight at all and the #3 cylinder was so loose I could have given it a full turn tighter by hand. Of course the #3 jug had expired. So I get the ski on the trailer and start taking it apart in some bar parking lot. I had a used cylinder and cylinder jug overnighted to my cottage. I put everything in but because I rushed to get back on the lake I didn't tighten 2 bolts that hold the power valve cover on. One fell out and the same #3 cylinder failed again. There was a little oil coming out the hole where the bolt was supposed to be for the power valve cover. Does this sound right for cylinder failer? Any help would be graciously appreciated.

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    well yea if you slightly cracked the cylinder but it could just be that the gasket wasnt seated right - check the torque pattern

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    yes and yes, massive airleaks, were the 2 bolts on the pv on the same side?

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    Yes both bolts were on the #3 jug and both bolts were on the left hand side. One was all the way out and the other one was very loose.

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