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    Angry 2001 Virage TX - Bag of bolts!

    My 2001 Virage 1200 TX (Carb) was running lovely the other day. Then for some reason she died! tried starting for a while but no start. A bit of a pain 2km offshore in the Atlantic
    After a few minutes I tried starting it with full choke (she NEVER uses full choke!) & she fired up - all ok for a while after that.
    Then a bit later, it started to run like a bag of bolts - not much acceleration & felt like it was firing on one cylinder. However, every so often, she picked up & rode brilliantly.
    Came in & had a look at the plugs & cylinders 1 & 2 were wet (& black). Cylinder 3 was perfect.
    Cleaned the plugs & refitted - ran like an even bigger bag of bolts. Changed plugs - still no better.
    Bought a brand new set of plugs, fitted them & fired it up - ran perfect (out of the water).
    Took it to the slip on sunday morning & at full throttle managed 5 knots! Again, took the plugs out & tested for spark & found cylinders 1 & 2 no spark - 3 was ok again.
    Brought the ski home, cleaned the plugs, cleaned the plug caps & I got a spark on 1 & 3.
    Cut 1/4" off the ignition wire on cylinder 2, refitted the cap & checked for spark - nice & blue.
    Fired up the ski on the hose & she ran lovely & even revved well. She was a little hesitant for a minute & growled when the throttle was opened for a few seconds then picked up & ran sweet as a nut.
    Took it to the slip this morning & once again, ran like a bag of spanners - 4 knots max!!
    I've now replaced the caps cos the originals looked shot, I've checked the electric box & all connections are clean & greased. Got to go to the slip for 05:30am tomorrow & hope that the ski will run - but I doubt it. The battery is good & charged and everything looks ok. Haven't got facility to ohms test at the moment.
    Is it possible that the coil is faulty? (how DO you get the Ignition wires out of the 3 way coil anyway?)
    Any suggestions as to what the cause might be?
    I'm beginning to lose my patience with this ski now & it's really winding me up! Please, any help would be gratefuly recieved.

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    Well, as an update, I've checked to make sure there's fuel, that's fine. However, I decided to unplug the spark plugs & connect them one by one. It starts on cylinder 1 - runs really rough.
    Cylinder 2 is totally dead & cylinder 3 is running lovely.
    Any ideas anyone?

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    check compression. are you getting spark on all 3?

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    The problem may be upstream of the ignition coils.

    Where does the Red/Purple wire from the actual CDI module go?
    Does it connect with all the other Red/Purple wires, or does it connect to the Orange terminals?

    Possible problem causes (other than ignition coils and wires);
    Bad CDI
    Bad stator (or bad/corroded stator cable connector)
    Bad LR Start/Stop module

    For the LR Start/Stop module, you can bypass it as a test;
    Bypassing LR-505 module on carburetor engine with combined Start/Stop button

    You can swap ignition coil primary wires around to see if the problem (weak or no spark) moves with the primary wire change, or stays with the same coil. Make note of which wires are where before you start, so you can put them back to stock afterwards

    In the links below you can find tests for the stator coils and Hall Effect sensors (spark trigger sensors) in the red domestic engine.

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