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    95 SL/SLT 750 compression

    I have just purchased a 95 Sl 750 and a 95 SLT 750 they both run great but after checking compression I have 130, 130, 90 respectively starting at the front of the ski working back. Should I replace just the rings or should I put a whole piston kit in. Again it doesn't lack for power they both do 55+ but the numbers are strange.

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    If you have only 90 psi, I'd remove the head and see what the prob is. If the piston and cyl looks good, then have it rehoned and put a new set of rings on the piston.

    If something looks damaged, then replace it.

    Have you familiarized yourself with the fuel system upgrades for your machines? (it's the weak link in those engines)

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    Yes thanks trying to find a supplier in Ontario Canada. I will take a look at piston as soon as I can get new gaskets I have a bad habit of ripping them no matter how careful I am.

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