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    Marine fuel line?

    Anyone have recommendations for a good source? I need enough for 2 skies. appears to be down.


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    just go buy black rubber automotive hose. The marine fuel hoses aren't all stable with the "Oxygenating" additives in automotive fuels that most of us burn. That's why the "Tempo" fuel lines need to be replaced in most of our skis.

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    To answer your origional question - Dave ( has a "new" website

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrDink View Post
    ...Dave ( has a "new" website
    The web site URL has changed, but there also seems to be some recent issues regarding quality of the actual product.

    Owner Dave is FuelLineDave on Greenhulk

    I don't know exactly where this stands at the moment, but there have been some negative comments in the recent past.
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    its tough to find u need 1/4 inch right, try PEP Boys

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