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    951 DI Rave Valve issues............

    I have a 951 DI that has no RAVE operation. I have found that the solenoid is closed all the time and is not opening. There is pressure from the pump to the solenoid, it just doesnt open.

    Is this solenoid valve interchangeable with the solenoids off of the 951 carbureted motors, or is it different?

    I assume on this motor you cannot change to a mechanical valve, as there is no exhaust hole in the cylinder..................

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    The p/n's for the DI and Carb. 947 RAVE Air Solenoid are different and I think the
    connector is different as well although they both have the same function.

    Test the Wire Harness Plug to the Valve for 12VDC when you Cycle the Engine On/Off---
    You should get 12VDC twice at the connector so use a DVM which will hold the highest Voltage detected.

    If you have Voltage, but no Solenoid operation--replace the Solenoid

    DI RAVE Solenoid ITEM# 4


    p/n 270600044

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