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Thread: Dealer scam?

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    Angry Dealer scam?

    My Aunt and Uncle have a i believe 03 gtx. It is the 4tec engine with the SC put no IC I believe. It was sitting on a lift and looked like gas was leaking out of the jet ski. It seemed to be burning a lot of gas and we smelt the gas before we even seen the gas in the water. He brought it in and the said there was a quart and a half of oil left and that an oil light should have went off. We checked the dipstick before droping it off. It looked fine but we didn't have a towel to wipe it off and recheck so it could have been splashed on the stick. They claim they cant find where the oil leaked out of and that it had lost 2.5 quarts. WTF how do you loose that much oil and not have a hint of it. So now they want to pull the engine and tear it apart. We had a incident with a x package seadoo where the sc blew up. They fixed it took it out and they over tightened acouple bolts that broke off and blew the sc again. So then they had to fix the sc one there own dime. I think they are trying to make some of there money back.

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    Well my friend, apparently you have two serious issues; a fuel leak and an oil leak. You really can't afford to ignore either one of those; a fuel leak can cause an explosion and the oil leak can kill your engine. If you don't like the dealer find why not find another service center?

    Even small fuel leaks and fumes are a big safety issue; I met a guy a few weeks ago who told me he was sitting on his ski one day and without warning the thing just went KA-BOOM, it knocked him 15 feet off the ski and he was just laying in the water stunned. After a few seconds he heard a splash when the seat came down; that's when he realized how powerful a blast it was and how lucky he was too. A father and son experienced something like this just last year here in Florida:

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    If there are no visible oil leaks the engine is burning the oil. What do the plugs look like? Any deposits on the electrodes

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    the ski wasnt burning oil as far as we know. There was no smoke and the engine had never had any problem with loosing oil

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