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    1995 SL750 EB Diagram Layout?

    My Trim and my MFD is not working . I just got this SKI (traded my 4wheeler for it) and really have had trouble finding a diagram of it.

    The guy I got it from said there is a small watch battery sized fuse that is 1/4 amp in there that may be blown... I opened up the box and didnt see anything but 1 normal circular shaped fuse...

    Where would this MFD Fuse be located exactly? Anything else to check for the TRIM Button not working?

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    MFD fuse is a normal sized 1/4 Amp cylindrical fuse. Only replace with another 1/4 Amp fuse.

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    could you possibly show me a picture? sorry im a tardmuffin~ TY for the response...

    PS.. Is there only 1 fuse on the board?

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