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    GPR servomotor keeps cycling- Need help

    Hi all
    I've got an '02 GPR1200. After riding on Saturday, I noticed that my servomotor keeps opening and closing. I know it is supposed to cycle one time after you shut off the engine, but mine keeps cycling about every 10 or 15 seconds. After an hour it was still doing it so I pulled the battery. The servomotor was replaced last year with a low hour used part.
    I also had another problem on Saturday, not sure if they are related. After riding for a half hour, the cat overheat warning came on. After letting it cool down, it came back on after a minute or so. It kept going off so I brought the ski back to the marina. While flushing it, a big chunk of styrofoam came shooting out of the pump! I figure a piece of foam is blocking the coolant flow to the cat so I'll have to take it apart and clean it out
    I don't think they're related, but who knows...
    Other than the warning light, the ski seemed to be running fine on the way back to the marina.
    Anyone have an idea of whats happening?

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    I had the same issue with my PV motor. I would shut off the ski and it would keep cycling. Mine never shut off. The only way I got it off, was to disconnect the battery.
    I also have a 02 GPR. I did a lot of reading on this issue. Some people got it to work right simply by disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it. Others disconnected the servo connectors and cleaned them with some (CRC QD Electronic Cleaner) and applied some (Dielectric grease) and it worked for them.

    I tried those options and it still did not resolve my non stop cycling. I ended up getting a used one off of eBay and it worked fine for me. I hope this helps your first issue at least. I've been there man and just got over that issue. Be careful it will kill your battery! Both the CRC QD Electronic Cleaner and Permatex Dielectric grease can be bought at the local auto stores. Pepboys, Discount Auto and Autozone.
    Keep me posted and good luck!

    I don't know what year this one is from, you might want to ask but I found one here on eBay

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