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    96 SLT 750 wont start

    Hey all,

    I am an auto/motorcycle mechanic and have done plenty of work on boats and PWC's. Recently I took in a 1996 SLT 750 that a friend of mine bought cheap. It would start but ran very rough as it had been sitting for about 2 years. After a thorough carb clean and fresh fuel, it started and sounded great on the trailer. When we got to the lake the following weekend, it would idle, but no more. Just bog and die and became increasingly more difficult to start. We put in new plugs, which had no affect, loaded it on the trailer for round 2.

    I got it in my shop, rechecked all fuel line routing which was all fine, checked compression which was 120-130 on all 3, which I assume is sufficient, and now will not start period. I have an identical ski in my shop now also so I have test parts if I need them. I know it needs a 3 outlet pump and that is in the works, until then I took a known good fuel pump off the other ski and had no change. What is the likely hood of a broken keyway on the crank allowing it to be out of time? I had that problem once on a Yamaha. I make the assumption that it has spark since it ran somewhat before.

    any help would be appreciated.


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    Easy enough to check for spark. On the Polaris Fuji engines, all three spark plugs fire together, every time any cylinder needs spark.

    Make sure all three plugs are firing strongly, and the correct spark plugs are installed. Trim 1/4 inch from the end of each plug wire, then screw the plug boots back in place.

    ALL the original fuel lines must be replaced, if they haven't already (they get brittle and crack). Also make sure the fuel selector valve and fuel/water separator (if yours has one) are not leaking air into the fuel lines.

    Replace the pulse hose from crankcase to fuel pump, just in case it has a problem.

    I presume priming the carb throats with some fuel made no difference - correct?

    If the flywheel nut has come loose (it happens sometimes), then the keyway will shear.

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