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    Genesis Fuel Lines

    I have a 1999 Genesis carbed model. I have had a problem twice with the mag cylinder getting lean. I've rebuilt the carbs, replaced the fuel line and the fuel shutoff selector. The mag cylinder ran lean again and seized. I am going to pressure test the case when I get it back together but found something interesting. The fuel lines are routed incorrectly. when I replaced them I did them one at a time so not to cross them so I am assuming the previous owner did it. In the picture the red is going to the water seperator, the white is going to the return and the blue is the vent. I put them where the Polaris manual says to. The red is now the vent, the white the feed and the blue the
    return. Have I found my problem?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I just went down in the garage and checked my Genesis. The red is my pick up, the white is my return, and the blue is my vent.

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    So what you are saying is they are set up the same as in the picture? The Polaris manual say that the middle (white) is the pick up, the left(red) is the vent and the right (blue) is the return.

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    I am tring to post the picture from the manual, but I am having difficulty.

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    Don't know what the manual says... but my Genesis is running properly, and that's the way the OEM hoses were connected.

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    Thanks for the reply, was just hoping that maybe I found my lean issue.

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