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    part it out or to keep whole......

    So I have a 2001 Ultra with 43hrs on it. Runs/start perfect just like new......So this might come across as a dumb question but.....should i sell it whole or part it out?

    I see parts on ebay selling for a ton of money and probably equal up more than I would ask for the ski as a whole. Of course it would be easier to sell it as a running ski but how much time will it take and how many weirdos will come by for joy rides.

    I hate to see these running skis torn down and sold for parts but after some time lurking on the forums I can kind of see why....$$$$

    What do you think....

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    Do you have too many skis or something? Not like the color scheme? Ride it and tell me you still wanna sell it

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    How much do you want and where are you located?

    In answer to your question, it's probably worth more in pieces, but you have to take it apart, advertise & ship all the pieces, etc.

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