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Thread: RXP Paint ?

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    RXP Paint ?

    Hey everyone, my buddie wants to paint his rxp using rattle cans, is there a certain brand he should use, or does it not really matter? Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Oh nooo....dont do a big job like that (big job) with spray paint! It'll look like shit! However, Fusion spraypaint is supposed to stick to plastic even if you dont prep the plastic at all. Ive never tried it personally yet. But spray cans arent good enough because they arent that durable and plus they dont shine like "real" paint does. You'll never get near the build and brilliance from a spray can as you do with real paint.

    I used to paint cars and a painter friend of mine painted an entire RXP once. he told me that PPG was used on the RXP - regular auto paint (urethane basecoat/clearcoat).

    Meanwhile, if you do need to paint anything plastic, you'll need to wash it good with rubbing alcohol and alternate that treatment with Comet cleanser (powder) with a scotch pad. These two simple products are very cheap and very good and remomoving the "releasing agents" from the plastic! These releasing agents are what makes paint struggle to stick to plastics....these releasing agents are what remains in the skin of plastic after the part was poured and baked in it's mold - allowing it to pop free once it's complete.
    Once cleaned and scuffed, you'll see just how well-scuffed it gets. You dont want to paint over any shiney spots or you'll sacrifice adhesion. After treatment, dont touch with bare (oily skin) hands and dry with sunlight or hairdryer.
    Also, during painting, keep a hairdryer handy if you're in a humid area - this will keep the spraypaint from taking on atmospheric moisture and "blushing" (milky/hazy as it drys). Hot hairdryers keep the humidity away from/out of the paint.

    These tips apply to raw/bare plastic....not already painted plastic. If already painted, treat normally with sandpaper.

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